Sunday, May 16, 2004

Google Blog and a question

Google Blog

Just doing my homework, and found that described the new googleblog... and some of the trouble they have had with thier posts. So far. Which is cool, because they started blogging the day before I did, even though it took them 15 months to get on the stick, and it just took me about 7 months since I first heard about what blogging is last November from Helen, the librarian at Coffeyville Community College. She was graduating from Emporia's SLIM, and showing me her capstone notebook, in which her presentation on blogging for a library conference was outlined. First I'd heard of it.

Come to find out, though, that my daughters have been blogging for years. First through (and yes, I did find out about some truly outrageous stuff when I snooped through daughter #2's), then through, now through If this continues to be as much fun as it is so far, I'll be caught up with them again (as teens, they introduced me to ICQ, for instance).

My husband plays Everquest endlessly, I constantly read the NYTimes and, the girls blog and IM all day: how do you get your daily dose?

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Anonymous said...

This is Daughter #1

Uh oh. You're reading through all that backlog of stuff? Well... that's okay. I don't think there's anything too damaging in there. :)