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Monday, May 17, 2004

Hey, all

Hey, have any of you noticed how much fun it is to read your own blog? What is it -- admiring your word choice? seeing it in print? the thrill of knowing that you might get famous?

Anyway, thought I'd publish these links to your blogs, classmates. That way I can check them out while I'm blogging:

Rhonda -
Gwen -
Tony -
Carole -
Micaela -

And besides, it spreads the fame a bit!


Anonymous said...

Hey, what library do you work for? The Bradford Memorial or the Butler Community College one?

Just found your blog trough blog profiles. =)
See ya.

MicaelaA said...

The Butler Community College Library! I love it. Bright people, great administration, and enough resources to get the job done. Martha Gregg from the Bradford Library is a good lunch buddy of mine; we recently worked on the "One Book, One Community" project for El Dorado together, reading "Out of the Dust" by Karen Hesse. Do you know El Dorado, then, Michelle?

Rhonda said...

Hey, thanks for posting these, Micaela. I just now saw this, just minutes before our next class session. I've enjoyed your blog!

ミッシェル said...

Hi there! Thanks for answering. Yes, I know El Dorado because a just moved in, haha. Actually, I'm getting used not only to El Dorado, but to United States. I'm an american citizen born abroad; I was born in Brazil (i'm dual citizen =).

Well, since I moved, the only library I went is Bradford one. Actually, I printed some Internet User Agreements. I work at the Butler County Printing (uhahuahua man, I can't believe a finished stiching all those commencement books for BCCC!!!!)

See ya! Ah, and really nice site!