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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Here's a new one:

Will 'moblogs' mean mo' money?
Last modified: April 1, 2004, 4:00 AM PST
By Paul Festa
Staff Writer, CNET

...Creque, a 23-year-old human resources director for a polling company in Melbourne, Fla., estimates she takes and posts to the Web an average of five digital pictures every day, regularly updating her personal mobile Web log, or "moblog."...

...Cell phone plans vary in terms of how subscribers are charged for Internet access, but Blasi estimates that it costs 25 cents to send a picture over the network.

Consumer and cell company demand for moblogs has yielded opportunity for a number of start-ups including TextAmerica, Mobog, Buzznet and Ploggle...

...Another study, by the InfoTrends Research Group, predicts that 150 million cell phones with built-in cameras will be sold this year, totaling about one-quarter of all cell phones sold.

The moblog is only the latest variation on the traditional text-based Web log. A minor trend, also oriented around cell phones, developed last year to support audio blogs...

...While moblogs have attracted the interest of cell phone companies as a way to spur the use of phone photography, those companies and analysts alike predict that the real catalyst for camera phone usage will be the adoption of compatible technologies between carriers...

Am I the only blogger around without a cell phone or digital camera? Mind you, I've got the library digital camera, which seems a bit outdated now, but still useful. But I have a hard time spending money on some technologies, fun or convenient as they may be.

It's late. Go to bed.


Rhonda said...

No, you're not the only one without a cell or digital camera. I have a minimal dinosaur cell--it weighs a lot and costs a buck a minute to use. But it's got a super low monthly fee and it's nice security (only you've got to remember to charge the thing!). But I have no digital camera. I should, probably, but I definitely relate to not spending the money for technology that could be fun, but eats up your budget--and your time. Things like cable TV, a cable modem for the computer, a normal cell phone contract, a PDA. How do people afford all these things??? (Not to mention the big SUV payment and the home equity loan for the supersize granite/stainless steel kitchen).

MicaelaA said...

I bet they're not living on a librarian's salary!