Friday, May 21, 2004

Racing Around the Stacks Unseats Reference Librarian

--Story by Michelle Avis, Micaela Ayers. Pictures by Ronda Holt

“We just had our fun day here at the Library!”
Claiming that her chair was faster, Reference Librarian Judy Bastin challenged student worker Shamika Huggins to a chair race at 10 am this morning in the L.W. Nixon Library. Individual "racetracks" were divided off around the stacks, from the United States to fiction, and from social problems to games, in Dewey Decimal order. After Micaela Ayers, Director, dropped the doily to signal the start, the two sped through the stacks.
Shamika sped her way backwards to win the first heat as Judy attempted to motivate her chair by crab-walking forward through the shelves, removing a few books along the way. In the second heat, Judy followed Shamika's example in racing backwards. Surmising this second loss was due to a defective chair, Judy switched chairs for the final heat. It must have been a good idea, as Judy lost the third race by a much closer margin.
Shamika said she felt great about her victory, asking "What do I get now?" She was awarded the first brownie of the day.
"I need to recover," said Judy. She was awarded a short break.

Ready to roll: Shamika…

…and Judy.

The start:

Uh-oh… Shamika finishes before Judy starts her last leg.

A great race finishes.

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