Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Which is more fun?

Ok, here it is the second day, and I am eager to get to this. Thus I face the first conundrum...Shall I do e-mail first, or write a new blog? Is this more fun, or is wading through the email more fun? I wouldn't do email at all if it wasn't, you see... and so much of my business is now wrapped up in it.

So the solution for me today is to get the email login started, then immediately go for this without reading any of it. On the other hand, maybe there's something wonderful in the email that I will want to share with the world here! I bet I could post again...

While I suspect most bloggers want desperately to sound/be unique, by the way, I am sure we are all similar in our human desires to be heard and understood or at least recognized. In the end, content will be more important here. I'm hoping to use this weblog or another one to communicate with the community I am surrounded with here on campus. I wonder how that will go.

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