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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New to You!

New to You!
We're trying something new at the library: a blog of the new books on a monthy basis.

With the Dewey call/subject number as part of the listing, it should be pretty easy to look for your particular subject area; see the new books; call us to hold them for you, etc.

Ronda is doing the work of pulling them out of the catalog. Any suggestions?

March 2005

011.62 SIL 2004
100 best books for children. Silvey, Anita

303.482 LIP 2004
Inside the mirage : America's fragile partnernership with Saudi Arabia. Lippman, Thomas W.

303.483 CRU 2004
The power of many : how the living Web is transforming politics, business, and everyday life. Crumlish, Christian

303.625 FRI 2005
What motivates suicide bombers?

303.66 HAR 2005
The peace movement.

305.697 VER 2005
Muslims in America.

306.77 MEY
How sex changed : a history of transsexuality in the United States. Meyerowitz, Joanne J.

326.809 HOC 2005
Bury the chains : prophets and rebels in the fight to free an empire's slaves. Hochschild, Adam

342.420 WIS 2005
Though the heavens may fall : the landmark trial that led to the end of human slavery. Wise, Steven M.

345.730 NAP 2004
Constitutional chaos : what happens when the government braks its own laws. Napolitano, Andrew P.

358.309 TOR 2005
Weapons of mass destruction : opposing view points.

363.107 LEI 2004
Mad cows and mother's milk : the perils of poor risk communication. Leiss, William

363.192 COL 2005
Fast food.

365.973 PAT 2004
Imprisoning America : the social effects of mass incarceration.

501 PAN 2004
The invisible century : Einstein, Freud, and the search for hidden universes. Panek, Richard

512 HUE 2005
Precalculus demystified. Huettenmueller, Rhonda

519.2 BLU 2005
Probability demystified. Bluman, Allan G.

540.92 GOL 2005
Obsessive genius : the inner world of Marie Curie. Goldsmith, Barb

599.938 BOY 2003
How humans evolved. Boyd, Robert, Ph. D.

616.462 COR 2003
A core curriculum for diabetes education.

641.5 SMI 2004
Kitchen life : real food for real families, even yours! Smith, Art

641.5 WOL 2002
What Einstein told his cook : kitchen science explained. Wolke, Robert L.

658 DEM 2000
Out of the crisis. Deming, W. Edward

676.22 RAM 2001
The handmade paper book. Ramsay, Angela

702.81 ATK
Collage art : a step-by-step guide & showcase. Atkinson, Jennifer L.

702.81 BRA
Altered books workshop : 18 creative techniques for self-espression. Brazelton, Bev

702.81 HAR 2003
Altered books, collaborative journals, and other advetures in bookmaking. Harrison, Holly

702.812 ACK 2003
Handmade paper collage. Ackerman, Dawn M.

702.812 ROT 2001
The art of paper collage. Rothamel, Susan Pickering

709.040 TAY 2004
Collage : the making of modern art. Taylor, Brandon

709.2 STE 2004
De Kooning : an American master. Stevens, Mark

741.597 SMI 2004
Bone Smith, Jeff

745.5 TAY 2004
Altered art : techniques for creating altered books, boxes, cards & more. Taylor, Terry

745.542 BAN 2003
Urgent 2nd class : creating curious collage, dubious documents, and other art from ephemera. Bantock, Nick

780.973 OGA 2004
Music of the colonial and revolutionary era. Ogasapian, John

781.65 MOR 2004
Living with jazz. Morgenstern, Dan

782.421 DYL 2004
Chronicles. Dylan, Bob

792.809 FIS 2004
Attitude! : eight young dancers come of age at the Ailey School. Fishman, Katharine Davis

808.02 GOL 2005
The writer's book of wisdom ; 101 rules for masteing your craft. Goldsberry, Steven

811.54 JUS 2004
Collected poems. Justice, Donald

811.54 VAL 2004
Door in the mountain : new and collected poems, 1965-2003. Valentine, Jean

813.6 HOS 2003
The kite runner. Hosseini, Khaled

822.33 GRE 2004
Will in the world : how Shakespeare became Shakespeare. Greenblatt, S.

822.914 HEA 2004
The burial at Thebes : a version of Sophocle Antigone. Heaney, Seamus

884.01 CAR 2002
If not, winter : fragments of Sappho. Sappho

940.373 MUR 2005
America's entry into World War I

973.046 ROD 2004
Americano : my journey to the dream. Rodriguez, Thomas

F ELL 2003
How I fell in love with a librarian and live to tell about it. Ellis, Rhett

F FAR 2004
The Sea of Trolls. Farmer, Nancy

F HAU 2004
Godless. Hautman, Pete

F McN 2004
A son called Gabriel : a novel. McNicholl, Damian

J BRA 2004
Hepcat. Bramhall, William

J CUR 2002
I'm gonna like me : letting off a little self-esteem. Curtis, Jamie Lee

J HOP 2004
Apples to Oregon : being the (slightly) true narrative of how a brave pioneer father brought apples, peaches, pears, plum, grapes, nd cherries (and children) across the Plains. Hopkinson, Deborah

J HOP 2004
A packet of seeds. Hopkinson, Deborah


DVD 610.3 STE 2005 Stedman's medical dictionary for the health professions and nursing.
DVD 791.437 BYE 1999 Bye bye Birdie.
DVD 791.437 DAM 2004 Damn Yankees.
DVD 791.437 FID 2001 Fiddler on the roof.
DVD 791.437 JAN 2001 Jane Austen's Pride and prejudice.
DVD 791.437 WES 2003 West Side story.
DVD 791.437 WIZ 1999 The Wizard of Oz.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Whitney, the 30-second librarian

Just got this email from another Kansas librarian blogger:

For those who might be interested, I have started a new blog called the
:30 Librarian, available at It's more
personal comments than news aggregator, but since I'll be talking a lot
about library topics (as that's the kind of geek that I am), I thought
it might be of interest.

And, as I said in my own presentation at KLA, what's a blog without

Please let me know if you have comments or suggestions. For safety's
sake, I should probably point out that any opinions are my own and do
not necessarily reflect those of my institution or anyone else.



Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Google Blog: Library access

Google Blog: Library access

" becoming a reality: most academic libraries these days subscribe to electronic versions of journals that authorized patrons can read on their own computers. And today we're launching a feature in Google Scholar that lets people read their academic library's subscriptions directly from their Google Scholar search results. Students at more than 100 participating universities will see links to such library resources as electronic delivery, print catalogs, and interlibrary loan..."

Our access is through Pipeline, which is available anywhere the internet can be turned on. Still, I find multiple ways of accessing database subscriptions intriguing. And I'm investigating some "federated searching" tools which would search across all our databases and our catalog and present results on one page. And isn't that what Google does? (It just can't get into OUR databases... unless we become one of their 'participating' institutions.)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

President Kermit L. Hall's 2005 Spring Speech to Faculty

President Kermit L. Hall's 2005 Spring Speech to Faculty

At my alma mater:

"the University in the Student Opinion Survey comes out last or near last in almost every category. The one bright spot is the Library which ranks at the top in terms of service and support for our undergraduate students. "

It is a set of extraordinary places, the libraries of SUNY Albany... and they inspire me.
The New York Times ran an article on last Monday... May 9, 2005. I'd seen mapping done in a reference suite for libraries, but this is pretty as well as functional. After the subject indexing provided, the most radical change is that all the results of an internet search are placed on one page in a set of concentric, expandable circles.

Take a look, take a test search. I'll use plain old google for a quick reference, but I'm going to this from now on when I want a more comprehensive look at a subject. I'll google and grok as necessary.

Oh, and I was right: "grok" is a word coined by Robert A. Heinlein in "Stranger in a Strange Land," which I read in high school or junior high. I was attending a communicants's class at the time, and the book raised some questions in my mind that made the class much more lively!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

LexisNexis Adds New Accounting Pubs.

This is old news, but I'm cleaning off my desktop at the end of the semester, and want to get this out. LexisNexis Academic is one of our top tier databases, and it now has 17 new accounting publcations from John Wiley, all searchable from the accounting search of the business section.

The new content includes Accounting Reference Desktop, Intellectual Property Assets in Mergers & Acquisitions, Essentials of Patent, and more.

Remember to link in through your pipeline account if you are off campus!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Grant Robinson : Guess-the-google launcher

Grant Robinson : Guess-the-google launcher

Have you got a spare minute or two today?

Okay, it's not Friday yet... but this would fill a lunch hour, too. I scored 154 on my first try. What was your score?

And do you agree that librarians should have to take this as part of their training? How about other public professions?

Friday, May 06, 2005

In Kansas, Darwinism Goes on Trial Once More - New York Times

In Kansas, Darwinism Goes on Trial Once More - New York Times

A small excerpt...

TOPEKA, Kan., May 5 - Six years after Kansas ignited a national debate over the teaching of evolution, the state is poised to push through new science standards this summer requiring that Darwin's theory be challenged in the classroom.

In the first of three daylong hearings being referred to here as a direct descendant of the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennessee, a parade of Ph.D.'s testified Thursday about the flaws they saw in mainstream science's explanation of the origins of life. It was one part biology lesson, one part political theater, and the biggest stage yet for the emerging movement known as intelligent design, which posits that life's complexity cannot be explained without a supernatural creator.

Darwin's defenders are refusing to testify at the hearings, which were called by the State Board of Education's conservative majority. But their lawyer forcefully cross-examined the other side's experts, pushing them to acknowledge that nothing in the current standards prevented discussion of challenges to evolution, and peppering them with queries both profound and personal.

"Do the standards state anywhere that science, evolution, is in any way in conflict with belief in God?" the lawyer, Pedro Irigonegaray, asked William S. Harris, a chemist who helped write the proposed changes....

To read the rest, go sign in at NYTimes... free account, and I've not had them sell my name nor email.

Kansas in the news...