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Friday, October 07, 2005

Spammers can't get in...

Well, not anymore. Turns out that they've been posting lately and I've been getting annoyed...

I've just turned on "Word Verification" -- a little software trick where a word has to be typed in and sent back to for comfirmation that a person, not a computer, is reading and posting to the blog. A strange typeface is used - you'll have to take a moment to type it in.

But I don't get many comments from you dear readers... blog readers... bleaders, suggests one blogger. Really.

So send me some. Better than the spam. And thanks.



Tuesday, October 04, 2005

NetLibrary e-book of the month

October eBook of the Month

The Sacred Neuron: Extraordinary New Discoveries Linking Science and Religion

Why do we think that some things are beautiful, and others ugly? Why do we think that some things are good, and others evil? Why do we think that some things are true, and others false? These are questions that have puzzled thinkers for millennia. In the past they have been answered by separating our emotional from our rational responses. But recent scientific research suggests that the questions now deserve very different answers.

In his fascinating and original new book, John Bowker shows from this research that reason and emotion work much more closely together in forming human opinions and judgments than has previously been supposed. His argument that faith and belief can be rooted in reason has stunning implications for the increasingly dangerous relationship between different religions and cultures, and also for our understanding of the meaning of 'God'.

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