Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Machiavelli and Leadership: Is it Applicable in Libraries?

This think piece perticularly highlights libraries and Machiavelli.

Thanks, Penny, for the link.



marcus fatus said...

"No matter how good a library staff is, the leader must constantly pay attention to what the staff is doing. Even with the best of intentions, staff members will individually and collectively seek to advance their own agendas and look to their own needs. The leader must continually put the good of the library ahead of the good of individuals and departments. This must be done by compelling the library staff to do the right thing. If this is not done, the leader will eventually fall." Hmmm agenda eh ??? oic now hehehehehehehhehehehehe...

marcus fatus said...

"...Making sure that any library budget cut is visible to the people and hurts them in some manner such as reduced hours..." OUCH!!!!!