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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm reading this...

What are you reading now?

Just saw that the Topeka-Shawnee County Public Library has a new blog named Papercuts. It’s going to be a good one… I liked the book reviews on it. So this morning when we had a staff meeting I started it off by asking what the library staff is reading. A couple of people are traveling, so couldn’t respond, but I know they’re reading something too…

Here’s what the rest of us are reading.

Ronda: she’s reading through the series The Chronicles of Narnia after having seen the movie version of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” over the holidays. She’s on the fourth volume. Since January 1, she finished the romance “Snow Days” and started Rita Mae Brown’s “Catch as Cat Can.”

A lot of her future reading will be tied up with her library school requirements as she begins her M.L.S. at Emporia State U this semester: “Foundations of Library and Information Science” is her first text. Juli, also beginning her M.L.S., is starting with the “Foundations…” book as well. They’ve both peeked at “The Principles of Information Ethics” – good for them! Classes haven’t even begun yet.

Juli continues her reading for our disaster planning at work with two volumes: “Disaster Planning : an Ounce of Prevention” and “Disaster response and Planning for Libraries.” For fun she’s finished “The Dewey Decimal System of Love.”

Lonnie reads the bible in the NIV version, and is reading our One Book, One Community book “Touching Spirit Bear.” Hazel’s a bible reader daily, and has ambitions to read the Newbery Award winners and the William Allen White Award winners of the last 10 years.

I’m reading Shippey’s “The Road to Middle Earth” here during my lunch hour, “The Lovely Bones,” “Eldest,” and a Tad Williamson at home in various spots around my house. Oh, and Orson Scott Card’s excellent “How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy,” (which I have no actual desire to do) enjoying very much his understanding of what’s going on in “Literature” and genre fiction these days. Finally, I picked up the illustrated version of “The Elements of Style” at Watermark Books last week, and bought it for the library. It was very hard to put down this morning as I was logging them in!

Happy reading this New Year, all.



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