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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NetLibrary eBook of the Month

January eBook of the Month

Absolute Beginner's Guide to a Lite and Healthy Lifestyle

Written by registered dietician Nicole Haywood and endorsed by the National Institute for Fitness and Sport, Absolute Beginner's Guide to a Lite and Healthy Lifestyle ignores the distraction of fad diets and focuses on helping readers make the lifestyle changes necessary for successful weight management.

While the goal of every diet is weight loss, Haywood argues that most diets are designed to fail because they do not adequately address all the factors related to food choices. Instead of focusing on body weight as the sole or most important measure of success, Haywood advises readers to start by letting go of the notion of perfection when it comes to health and start thinking about the process. The author won't suggest radical changes or unobtainable goals, but instead, concentrates on showing readers how to make daily modifications to their diet and activities that build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

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