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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

July eBook of the Month

Climate Change: Turning up the Heat

It's been on NPR's "Fresh Air" this past Monday, and Parade Magazine the day before with 25 tips to combat global warming...

Is climate change really happening and does it matter? The answer from the scientific community is a resounding yes, yet debates about the reality of climate change and what measures to take are slowing our response. In NetLibrary's July eBook of the Month, leading climate researcher Barrie Pittock argues that we need to act urgently to avoid increasingly severe climate change.

Climate Change: Turning up the Heat looks at the controversy around global warming and other predicted changes, examining the scientific basis of the changes observed to date, how they relate to natural variations and why the evidence points to larger changes later this century. The effect of these changes on our natural systems and our lifestyles will be considerable and could include wild weather, shifts in global ocean circulation, decreases in crop yields and sea-level rises.

Access to this e-book is available on Butler's campus. Contact us for more information: 316-322-3234

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