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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The 2006 Kansas Book Festival

The 2006 Kansas Book Festival, September 29-30, 2006 at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, Wichita is a wonderful opportunity for Kansas libraries in so many ways! The Kansas Center for the Book is a major contributor to the programming along with the Kansas State Historical Society, the Governor’s Office and other members of the Governor’s Cultural Affairs Council. Check out for updates!

An important part of the Festival for libraries is the Black, White and READ All Over Ball, Friday, September 29, 2006, 8-11 PM at Exploration Place, Wichita! Exploration Place exhibits will be open for folks attending the Ball, too!

The Kansas Center for the Book will honor the 2006 Kansas Notable Books and authors at the beginning of the Ball. Emcee for the evening is Hon. G. Joseph Pierron, Kansas Appellate Court. You’ll remember that Judge Pierron emceed the past three years of Give KLA a Leg Up Bee’s at Triconference. Following the ceremony honoring the Notable Books, Donna Tucker, and Friends will fill the Grand Hall with jazz! We’ll have two chocolate fountains, Kansas wines from the Wyldewood Cellars, authors, the Governor (invited), and a photographer to capture your exciting evening! Semi-formal attire means everything from dressy-office to ball gowns and a tux.

For more information, call Vikki Jo Stewart

Special Projects Director

State Library of Kansas

200 Arco Place, Building Box 132

Independence, KS 67301

O-620-331-8218 FAX-620-331-9087 Cell-620-331-9619

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sweaty Guy notes

Barbara Fister writes:

...How many ways can the New York Times sell itself to the same student? At my library we get the paper, the microfilm, the LexisNexis version, the Proquest version AND the Student Senate sponsors a newspaper program for a once-a-year student fee … and still students will say, glumly, at the reference desk “I found a great story in the New York Times but they wanted money for it, so . . . can you help me find something else?”...

I say:

Thanks for the reminder. I've been reading the NYTimes headlines for years. The "Times Select" has been an irritation rather than an inspiration to pull out my wallet and buy a subscription. So I've ignored some of those editorials and great headlines, knowing if they were truly valuable, I'd see them again somewhere in discussion.

But I read this blog and then found an article I had to read: Thomas Frank's "The Culture Crusade of Kansas" from August 9, 2006.

So I checked LexisNexis Academic with a simple title search and in less than 30 seconds I had it. Without paying for it again.

This point will be a great training point for my faculty this fall. And staff. And the student population.

Thanks. I hope others will be as grateful as I am.

The end of the Story:

The only good news about this pitch is that most students are too savvy to imagine they could use one newspaper as their only source for papers in history, science, or politics.

And we can rest assured the Sweaty Guy finished his paper, graduated, and got a good job with the Newspaper of Record.