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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Book review: Cross off "Cross"

James Patterson's Alexander Cross series has always been titled after nursery rhymes such as "Along Came A Spider", "Kills the Girls", etc. Because his newest title is named "Cross", you would expect a major change in the series. That is not case.

Other than the title, the only change is that Alexander Cross, a forensic psychologist, has left the FBI and police work behind to open a private practice. He gets sucked back into crime fighting by looking for his wife's killer. The death of his wife has been in the background throughout the series, and we finally learn something about her and her murder ten years ago. He finds the answers he needs and realizes that he has to get over her to stop his hazardous work and build a permanent relationship with another woman.

Because I have read the entire series, I was disappointed in the plot of the book. I found it followed the same pattern as the other books without adding anything new to the series. Patterson is known for his original and shocking villians. This one seems very boring by comparison, and I ended up not caring if Cross caught him or not. The pace of the book is still very fast paced so if you want a quick, easy read this is a great book. If you have read the series, you may be disappointed.

Judy Bastin

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