Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Using the Kansas Library Card for Wildebeests!

This is the season for migrating (no, not to Florida or Mexico to getaway from the cold)! The Great Migration is now taking place on theAfrican Serengeti. That means that hundreds of thousands of Wildebeestalong with zebra, and other African wildlife are on the march lookingfor water. This migration is sometimes called the "circle of life"because the animals literally circle the plains of the Serengeti in their search.
During this long trek these African plains become the birthing groundfor almost half a million calves! But, even though these little guys stand up and walk in fewer minutes than your hand has fingers, only half of them survive the predators and diseases that are prevalent.

You and your students can find out more about wildebeests and their yearly migration through the Serengeti by using your State Library'sKansas Library Card ( )and trying the Keyword WILDEBEESTS in the ProQuest databases or the SIRS Discoverer database orthe term WILDEBEEST MIGRATION in the Thomson-Gale (InfoTrac) databases. There are plenty of articles (many in full-text) that will provideinformation and, if you have little researchers around, there is atleast one article in the SIRS database (Across the African Savannah)that has a Serengeti Board Game at the end!

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