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Monday, March 12, 2007


I was in Chicago for three days last week. When we left the Navy Pier, we were almost run over by the croud of people leaving the IMAX that was showing "300" to sold out audiences.

So when this hit my email (and I only have 147 left to go to catch up today), I thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy,



Miss Potter and 300 - Film Stories and Sources

Two very different films are opening in wide release this weekend.
"Miss Potter" tells the story of Peter Rabbit's creator while "300"
graphically portrays the famous battle at Thermopylae.

This web site
links to primary sources and explanatory animations about Beatrix
Potter, her life in Victorian Britain, her sources of inspiration, her
editor Norman Warne and her life after she no longer wrote the "little
books." It also provides pictures of the "real Peter Rabbit," the
original "story letters" which later became books, a list of discussion
topics and a virtual field trip to Potter's beloved Lake District.

Another site provides the story behind the movie "300" and the battle
of Thermopylae. It
includes links to primary sources, explanatory animations, on-line
games from the British Museum (illustrating how Spartan children were
educated and how Greeks operated trireme ships), plus much more.

The site is free for all libraries, schools and educators. Request
group access with this form. It is also
free, through March, for library patrons, students and members of the
general public. Select an individual password with this form.

Carole Bos
Dean's Advisory Board
Grand Valley State University

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