Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cat in the Hat

[08:57] Librarian: To the Cat:

Happy birthday we say
To the cat we adore,
And his creator, too,
Who gave us him and more.

Pushing right to the edge,
Always funny and wild,
This cat still makes us smile
And feel new, like a child.

Here's to you, boomer dude.
This is going to be hard.
It's to AARP.
It's a membership card.

[08:58] RichLayers: hahaha
[08:58] Librarian: courtesy of the "Shelf Awareness" Bookseller's newsletter.

And also,

I heard the interview today on NPR with Martha Radditz, author of The Long Road Home: A story of War and Family about the firefight in Bahgdad that caught American soldiers unprepared. "From ABC White House correspondent Raddatz comes the story of a brutal 48-hour firefight that conveys in harrowing detail the effects of war not just on the soldiers, but also on the families waiting back at home."

Wow. Gripping story of an deadly surprise. I'm getting the book on order today.


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