Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Library Cat

From Shelf Awareness: Daily Enlightenment for the Book Trade
Wed, April 4, 2007

...Incidentally for $1.25 million, Grand Central just bought the story of Dewey the cat, who lived in the public library of Spencer, Iowa, for 19 years, becoming "a town mascot who lifted the spirits of residents hit hard by the 1980s farming crisis," as today's New York Times described it. "In the process he attracted the attention of tourists, cat-calendar makers and filmmakers."

The book, tentatively titled Dewey: a Small Town, a Library and the World's Most Beloved Cat, will be written by Vicki Myron, head librarian at the Spencer library, and Bret Witter, former editorial director of Health Communications.

The Times story purrs the phrase Marley & Me several times.


Juli brought her cat to the library last week, to spend the day while she worked, and save her a trip home when she left for Oklahoma City that evening. I guess the cat is used to a quiet environment... whatever... she hid herself for the entire day. The next morning, Lonnie reports that she followed him around the library as he opened it for the day. I fugure that she must have been hungry by then.

Anyway, the next time she was spotted, Ronda yelled "Catch her!" and did, then put her in the listening lab for a friend of Juli's to take to her home.

That and the two kittens I from Judy that I kept here for one day 2 years ago before taking them home to join the family are the sum total of the experience we have with cats in the library. But there were a lot of students who were eager to visit with and pet all three. I guess the fish in the aquarium aren't so cuddly.

So if this book about Dewey takes off, he will be great PR for the whole idea of a cat in the library. Maybe then I can go ahead and get one here in the college library. The students who like cats will be happy. And really, does anyone who loves libraries not like cats?


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