Thursday, November 01, 2007

Take a survey, if you like...

I submit to you the following email I recently received on the CJCLS listserve:


In August 2007 The Associated Press had IPSOS Public Affairs conduct a poll regarding reading habits. 27% of the people surveyed had not read a book in the previous year. A National Endowment of the Arts Survey published in 2004 found that less than half
of American adults read literature. Hearing about these surveys made me wonder if the reading habits of people who work in libraries are typical. So, here is yet another survey. It is short and will take only a few minutes of your time. Please take it. Your comments regarding reading are welcome so please include them.

This message is being posted to several lists, so please excuse duplication.

Thank you.


Shelley Wood Burgett
Director of Library Service
Somerset Community College
808 Monticello St.
Somerset, KY 42501
606 451-6711 M - R
606 878-4724 F


Thank you, Shelley, it was fun...


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