Thursday, January 10, 2008


I hope you all had a great holiday break. I know that I did, especially after adding two extra days of vacation to fill out the second week of break. I thought this week would be hard, but I'm pretty well rested, so the days are flying. Friday tomorrow!

An email from the gal at Grand Valley State University (same institution where my sister, her husband, and a second brother-in-law all have jobs, a great school):

During January we recall numerous world events: The Daguerreotype
photo process was first introduced, ushering in the age of photography
(in 1839); Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod Expedition located the magnetic
South Pole (1909); Vikings invaded Britain (793); gold was discovered
in California (1848); Prohibition took effect (1920); Challenger, the
space shuttle, exploded; and X-Rays were first used in America. Learn
the details of those, and other events, in this summary of January

Also provided is a listing of topics commemorating Martin Luther King,
Jr Day - which is January 21st this year - including video links to
some of Dr. King's most-loved speeches. Click on the third bullet
(Martin Luther King, Jr).

Group access to the site is free for all schools, libraries and
educators. Request group access with this form. It is also
free for students and members of the general public. Select an
individual password with this form. The
site's privacy policy is strictly

Carole Bos
Dean's Advisory Board
Grand Valley State University

Thanks for that Carole. Have a great year.

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