Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Obama makes an impression

The college hosted Barack Obama yesterday, right here in Republican country. Turns out that his maternal grandfather was from El Dorado, graduating high school here in 1935. We (my daughter Rachel and Administrative Assistant Sheryle) stood in line with 3,000 folks in a brief blizzard (snow and 53 mph gust, sustained winds of 25-30 mph, 18 degrees: yeah, it was a blizzard, even if it ended after 3 hours -- another perfect day in Kansas).

I appreciated his clarity, grace, humor, and the ideas for programs to care for and unify Americans. The governor was here and endorsed his candidacy the day after she was the Democratic response to the State of the Union Address. And yes, she seemed stiff on TV that night, but was back to normal yesterday - she's actually an animated and excellent speaker!

Later Senator Obama and Gov. Sebelius went to lunch at Suzie's Chili Parlour downtown, one of my favorite hangouts. If you caught the Nightline segment on Obama last night, you saw scenes from my hometown. Look for "Barack on the Trail."

Caucus in El Dorado is next Tuesday, Feb. 5th. I'll be there.

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