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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Since I've done the LibQual+ Survey, and had a review of the material gleaned, and felt incompetent to deal beyond that, I decided it was time to take the statistics course I never had in college. I never had it because I avoided it after visiting my summer canoe camping partner, Priscilla, when she was in her first year at University of Rochester. We both thought it would be nice if I went to college there... She invited me up for the weekend, including Friday classes. I felt quite at home in the English Lit class, studying John Milton, which I'd been doing in my AP English classes (Mrs. Pizante was terrific!). But the statistics class was way over my head by that point in the semester.

So I actually find I'm enjoying it.

And learning that it is a challenge. So I was right to understand that it was difficult. But wrong to be afraid of it.

Meantime, I'm hoping to make the case that the Andover campus needs a library at the 5000 building, rather than let the college assume that the shared library at the 6000 building (shared with the high school) will suffice after this enormous expansion that's occurred at Andover.

I'd sure like to know what Andoverians think.

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