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Monday, March 10, 2008

Beginning the health thing

Ok, folks.

Skip this if you hate to read about diets and food and exercise and health.

I just signed up for two different groups this spring. Yeah, it's not enough I'm remodeling the upstairs bathroom, going through the bible study at church, "Jesus in the Gospels," and taking the college "Introduction to Statistics" course. Now I have to go beyond beauty, spirit, and mind, and deal with the body. So the library ladies signed me up for the "Biggest Loser" group on campus: we're the "Bookin' Babes." And the church group is signed up with the Walk Kansas program as the "Presby Pacers".

I've not lost weight since the girls both moved out and I underwent an overhaul in response to the 'empty nest' syndrome (which was quite real for me). So this is a chance to try again, except one daughter is returned home. Rachel will be my partner in the Presby Pacers, at least!

What diet to follow? None, I hope. Instead, I'll check out "In Defense of Food" and remember my lessons from the "South Beach Diet" and the "WeighT Down" (and reviews): eat good food, and eat only when you are hungry. We'll see. I may add in the idea of food journaling, but I'll spare you that here.

Wish me luck.

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