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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break and All's Quiet

Staff at Butler get two days off each Spring Break week. It's a nice nod to the fact we can get more done when there are no students around even as faculty and students get the whole week off. When we do take the days off, it's a restful break, even as we work out the schedules to cover. I once decided to work through the week so as to save my days for another vacation - that's when I realized just how much I needed the break! This week is particularly pleasant as the Good Friday Holiday falls within Spring Break, so we all have Friday off.

I'm catching up on email, of course. The bane and blessing of my position. Meanwhile, I ran across this post about reading journals - library journals of the profession in particular on the ACRL blog. I'm an occasional reader of the main College & Research Libraries Journal; but it gives hints on how to keep up:
Read it the week it arrives
Read it only for the one-two articles that have import to your job
Copy the article that you know you have to have later - otherwise, well, that's what database access is all about

To which I would add: copy or loan the paper journal to your reference librarian when you've got one she HAS to read!

As to electronic vs. paper: I don't read anything via electronic if I can help it. Maybe with my new glasses it will be easier - they arrive in a couple of weeks. But mostly I just have to deal with email, and consider journal reading a chance to shift to another seat and change posture.


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