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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Library Conference

What shall we call it now that "Tri-Conference" is defunct?

Judy suggests "Kan-Lib-Con" which does, indeed, roll off the tongue nicely. And the only other use of Kan-Lib is for KanLib-L the email listserve. Please no KLA or KLC's which have multiple names behind them!

Anyway, it takes place in Wichita from Wednesday through Friday. The events I'm looking forward to the most include the CULS breakfast Friday and the tour of the new Barnes & Noble bookstore that I arranged for the 2-year Academic Librarians Interest Group on Thursday evening. I suspect the State Librarians luncheon "Hats off to KS" will be fun, but it's got me worried about wearing a hat or not... and if I wear one, what will that do to my hair the rest of the day?

I'll be back Monday with lots of new ideas and fresh energy for the job here...

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