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Monday, May 05, 2008

Libraries far from dead....

"...Well, here's the deal about the Internet: You get what you pay for. Much of the Internet is really more of a conversation than a database. Imagine yourself at a worldwide cocktail party. As you wander around and listen in on conversations, you hear mostly chitchat, gossip and opinions, the equivalents of chat rooms, celebrity gossip sites and MySpace pages...If you want good, solid information that is compiled by knowledgeable people and packaged in a user-friendly form, you will likely have to pay for it...

But we can all pool our money together and have the public library buy resources which have gone through several processes to verify their accuracy and authenticity."

So guess what? Library use is up. And as gas prices rise, as the economy slows, as we look for ways to pinch nickels, if not pennies, library use will continue to rise. See the rest of the article by Ellen Schroeder Mackey, published during library week in April 2008, here.

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