Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

I just received this from my niece Jennifer:

Good day to all, I hope everyone is doing well.
I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you.
As a child I never really understood what Memorial Day was all about. To me it was day out of school, Or it marked the begining of summer, but that was about it.

Then I grew up and married a soldier. Though for many years he was just a "weekend warrior" and I still never took the time to understand memorial day and what it truly meant.

Then one day Greg was sent to Germany, all of sudden my life was in a whirlwind. I had to take care of the kids, the bills, the house and everything else that entailed single parenting, while my husband was sent to defend our country halfway around the world.

For 7 months I struggled to survive each day, not used to this "new life" I was undertaking. It was very hard and I often times felt so alone, but I thank God for getting me through those months and making me a stronger person.
Finally the day came when he returned home to us.

Then almost 3 years to the day of his return from Germany, he was sent overseas again, this time to Iraq.
I knew this deployment would prove to be much harder to get through. It wasn't just about single parenting again, it was much more then that. He was going to be gone for over a year and he was being sent to a war zone. A place that so many dear soldiers were not returning home alive from.
The love for my country, for our freedom and for my soldier sank deep into my heart. During this time I taught my children what true patriotism meant. I couldn't guarantee them that their daddy would make it home alive, but I could promise them that God had a plan for him and that he was soldier of God and that he was called to help defend our country.

They swelled with pride knowing that their daddy was a soldier. That he was "piting da bad guys" as Sean who had just turned 3 years old would say. God brought our soldier home safely 14 months later.

While he was in Iraq I watched the news intently. My heart broke each time another soldier died.
As this war continues on, I continue praying for the families of the soldiers who pay the ultimate price for our freedom.
Let us not forget those that lay down their lives in a foreign country, to ensure your freedom here in America.

Now here we are on this Memorial Day 2008. Away from our dear soldier as he finishes up training in Montana. He has been gone all month but will be home with us again on Friday. Shortly the kids and I will be going over to the Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery and pay our respects to the many soldiers buried here who have fought for our freedom in the past and laid down their lives for this country.
Today let us not only remember those soldiers across the nation and over seas who work so hard each day to train and fight to defend our freedom, but let us also honor the memory of the countless soldiers over the many years and past wars who have fought and died for this Great Nation.

Because of them and through the blood, sweat and tears they shed; we can proudly stand and call ourselves 'An American'.

God Bless You,

Love, Jennifer

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