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Friday, August 15, 2008

Michael Phelps wins 6 today!

Carol Fitzgerald at writes

Michael Phelps Plots His Swims Like a Good Novel

I love to read and I love to swim. Watching Michael Phelps this week I was thinking that the way he swims is like plotting a memorable book.

He takes off from the wall like a great novel grips you and pulls you in. As he moves down the lane, he has his eye on the field the way a good writer watches over all of his characters --- and he stays one step ahead of them.

He holds back when he needs to conserve energy as a writer holds back some action or revelation... (Go To Blog)

Meanwhile, it's quiet here in the library - the calm before the storm next week when classes begin at Butler Community College. Actually, it stays quiet here for up to a couple of weeks; students are just getting into things those first few classes, and faculty start library intros after that.

New here this year:

We have one new database : Theatre and Drama in streamingVideo contains more than 250 definitive performances of the world's leading plays, together with more than 100 film documentaries, - more than 500 hours in all.

Then there’s the new HiDef Big screen TV for faculty reserve in the library classroom. We’re trying to obtain a Wii – they are still hard to find – and look forward to announcing a Thursday evening game night.

Finally, we’re committing to a new presence in the Andover 5000 building – look for our Librarians on the Loose during afternoons and evenings, Monday through Thursday.

And as always, we welcome your calls, your presence, and your ideas. You faculty are the connection between the library and the students; we need you and are glad you're back!

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