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Monday, September 08, 2008

September Highlights

During September we remember the Great Hurricane of 1900 (which
decimated Galveston on the 8th and 9th), the shooting of President
McKinley (whose assassination has been called "One of 10 Days that
Unexpectedly Changed America") and the events of 9-11 (when four
airliners were hijacked by terrorists).

In addition, we commemorate other significant events: Ramadan
(observed during September this year), China's Xi'an festival
(celebrating the country's ancient culture and its famous terra cotta
soldiers ), Constitution Day (commemorating the approval of America's
federal constitution on September 17, 1787), and the story of the
Star-Spangled Banner (which Francis Scott Key wrote after the famous
battle near Baltimore's Ft McHenry). Learn the details of those, and
other events, in this summary of September Highlights.

Also provided are indices for videos (more than 400 are summarized and
linked in context), World War II resources (for both European and
Pacific theaters) and primary sources for space/aviation.

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Carole Bos
Dean's Advisory Board
Grand Valley State University

Thanks, Carole.

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