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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Value of Books in a Tough Economy

"Let them eat cake... well, brioche, then..." (Rousseau)

From "Shelf Awareness", current events for booksellers, Sept. 29:

The Cape Cod Times unearthed some bookselling wisdom for our times to highlight its report on NEIBA's fall trade show: "Apparently, there's an old saying that in a tough economy, booze and books continue to sell. The former, because people don't stop drinking no matter what,and the latter because books represent a purchase of lasting value, plus you can find anything in the world within the covers of a book..

And today, Sept 30:

"Calling the Old Book Shop, Morristown, N.J., "a time capsule," the Daily Record noted that owners Chris Wolff and Virginia Faulkner "trace the beginning of their shop to 1915. They purchased it in 1974 . . . The shop is more than shelves of books and collections of postcards, maps and journals. It is a place where the value of people's stories is expressed in a variety of ways."

"People hang on to books more than nearly any other thing," Wolff said. "This is time travel. This is a time capsule. Every book is a time capsule.""

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