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Monday, October 06, 2008

Friday's Copyright Webinar

Join your colleagues at noon Friday in the L.W. Nixon Library as we look in depth at the fair use doctrine in a online Webinar. Drinks will be provided. You will:

Understand the origins and evolution of fair use
Determine if the use of a particular work is fair under the law
Learn how fair use applies to materials used in the classroom
Understand how fair use pertains to electronic reserves
Craft policy around fair use doctrine


Staff responsible for the creation and enforcement of institutional copyright policy will leave this event with the knowledge they need to apply fair use doctrine. This includes policy officers, legal counsel, university librarians, academic deans, and department heads.

Full Program Agenda


"This overview of fair use was one of the most useful I have seen. It provided a sound overview of fair use and a perspective on recent and often confusing developments in the law."


Wesley D. Blakeslee, Executive Director, Technology Transfer and Associate General Counsel, The Johns Hopkins University

Hosted by both the library and the Faculty Development Office. Attendance will generate professional development points through the
Faculty Development Office. Call for further information.

Micaela, 322-3234

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