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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Music comes to the book

In the category of new things from old books:

Artist Jennifer Khoshbin creates music boxes from a selection of older works.

I've been tracking the use of the book as form apart from function... changing the function usually changes the form of the book, most particularly when it becomes the basis for furniture or art. Usually with furniture, you can no longer read the book.

This is altering, but visually the book shape doesn't change as much as the 'altered books' art of recent time. I've seen a bit of my daughter's work, and I like the fact she selects recent but outdated medical books to alter. But even in the art books, they can still be read, as you continue to pick up the book and turn pages to see what the artist has created. I wonder how much of these books can still be read. She certainly has a couple of books that look intriguing for their content as much as their covers...

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