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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Governor's Budget

Welcome back, faculty. I attended the first few hours of the Faculty Development Day, hearing from Dr. Vietti and from Dr. Ellis, as well as other announcers during the 3 hour opening. There was, of course, lots of reference to the economy and what will happen here at Butler: less income, more students. Except, aha, more students may mean enough extra income to make up for lost income from the state. Except if the state cuts the per student support! Arrgh, what's a librarian to do?

Last night, January 12th, Governor Sebelius gave her State of the State Address. The full text can be found on the blog for Kansas Government Information, run by the librarians at the State Library of Kansas.

They've also provided links to her speech last night, but I don't see the Republican response. But they do have the Governor's budget.

The impact on the library has been some drop in the database selection. You'll note that "Theatre in Video" will be going away. After a year of purchasing this database, we found we'd only had 25 uses. I'd rather buy the DVDs and check them out. We're also dropping "Women and Social Movements". At one time, a course used it regularly, but that's changed, so we'll get past it, too.

Remember, to use the databases, you can easily get to the on the new Library tab in Pipeline. We'll be working on the website this spring to simplify access to the material on it as well. Just wish you could get to the library from the Butler homepage easily. But it's for recruitment, not use, they tell me. I use the alphabetic "L" to get there myself. You?

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