Wednesday, February 18, 2009

State Budget Cuts affecting Libraries

State aid to local libraries faces the real possibility of sizable
reductions this session. A Senate Ways and Means Subcommittee will
soon consider the State Library's budget, where state aid to local
libraries is funded. Now is the time to share with your Kansas
legislators about how important state aid is to your library. Many
libraries are experiencing increased use and growing demand for
services during these difficult economic times. Reducing state aid
hurts libraries just when their communities need them the most.

HomeworkKansas is also in trouble. In spite of overwhelming student
approval it appears HomeworkKansas will not be funded next
year. Sharing with your legislators about what the loss of and
interruption in service for HomeworkKansas means for local students
is also important. Even if your legislators are not members of the
Senate Ways and Means subcommittee, it's important for your
representative and senator to learn of your first-hand experience and
your concern. *Ask your legislators to share the concerns you have
with Ways and Means subcommittee members.*

The Senate Ways and Means subcommittee for the State Library's budget
is Senator David Wysong, Senator Jean Schodorf and Senator Kelly

Roger Carswell
Southeast Kansas Library System/Iola Public Library
218 E. Madison
Iola, KS 66749
(620) 365-5136

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