Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Thanks to Carol Tenopir in her Online Databases column in Library Journal for pointing me to this resource. It's grown tenfold since she wrote about it in May 2007.


A new wiki encyclopedia project—and more!
•We aim at reliability and quality, not just quantity.
•We welcome collaboration with everyone who has knowledge, broad or narrow, about any of the world's innumerable subjects.
•We write under our real names—and are both collegial and congenial.
•We now have 10,400+ articles and are gathering speed.
•Eduzendium participants write for academic credit.

I use Wikipedia to get a good overall feel for a subject before refining my search on any topic. It's easier to get to than any academic database we serve up. Someday I hope to improve our access. For now, you have to get in Pipeline, and then click on the library tab, then on databases, and enter your name and password again. Shouldn't have to do that personal data entry twice.

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