Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lecture in the Library next Tuesday, April 7th

Lincoln and the Ladies

In this, the 200th anniversary of the birthday year of Abraham Lincoln,
scholars continue to ask fresh questions around “What Would Lincoln Do?”
if he had only survived the bullet that took his life. Dr. Janet Coryell applies
this query to Lincoln and the Ladies of his time in a lecture given Noon, April 7, 2009, at the L.W. Nixon Library at Butler Community College, 901 S. Haverhill Road, El Dorado.

Would Lincoln have supported women's right to vote? Would he have been a suffragist? Or found a way to reconcile his views of mankind and the nature of women with the politics and Constitutional/Declaration/natural rights issues of the day?

Dr. Coryell is a professor of History at Western Michigan University, who states,
"I am arguing that Lincoln's view of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution,and the nature of slavery and emancipation, as well as the historical context he came to power in vis-a-vis women rights and partisan political women, can let us draw the conclusion that he would have been in favor of women's right to vote."

Join us for this free event in the coffee bar of the library and enjoy a
complimentary cup of Library Latte’s finest with your brown bag lunch.

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