Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Google Settlement and the Library Market

Shelf Awareness awarded its 'Headline of the week: "Is Google Books an Explorer, or a Conquistador?"--PC Magazine.'

"...The settlement will enable university libraries to subscribe to Google Books and tap into a vast online repository of approximately 30 million documents. This will be a highly desirable addition to university libraries, and a way to attract new students and faculty, according to Band."

[Jonathan Band, representing the Library Copyright 'Association' - actually Library Copyright Alliance ]

"The concern among libraries, Band said, is that Google will be the only company supplying a product that will be necessary for libraries to stay competitive.

"For libraries, the intangible arguments about copyright law and antitrust are "interesting and irrelevant," Band said. They want to know if they will eventually be charged an arm and a leg for access, he said.

"They are not actually worried about Google as much as they are the rights holders. "They think Google will try to keep the price of an institutional subscription low, but are worried that registry [holders] will try to get the price high," Band said.""

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