Thursday, August 13, 2009

My best defense - for now

Why a library?

In discussion with a faculty member yesterday, he noted that everything he needs as a faculty member is on the internet. To which I say:
Unshelved puts it well in this comic strip.

But darn, that is a year old. And the internet is getting more authoritative. So I was excited when he said that the best use of the library is the ability to browse shelves.

Why is browsing important? You can see whole subjects that relate to your topic but are just off to one side or another - literally - and thus enrich your view of your topic, or redirect your research. Browsing widely is the one way to keep up with your interests and discover new ones.

So I will continue to make books available in the L.W. Nixon Library from all ages, from all aspects of a topic, at all levels of readability and depth or breadth. Come browse awhile with me.


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