Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dan Brown's Follow up to the Da Vinci code

The Lost Symbol
Dan Brown

"Unlock the mystery starting today! Packed with mysticism, hidden codes, and the secret society of Freemasons in Washington, D.C., The Lost Symbol spans a frenzied 12-hour period in which Robert Langdon careens through a masterfully conceived edge-of-your-seat adventure."

...So says Barnes & Noble in promoting the latest Dan Brown. What do you think of his work? If you want to be the first to check out the book, better get over here to the library quickly... or call x3234 to reserve it. Note: B&N gives buyers 40% off. But you can check it out for free here, read it, then not have to find a place to keep it in your home. Cool, huh?


constant gina said...

We are now entering an age where digital copy sales will surpass the physicals, by far. Welcome to 2010.

MicaelaA said...

The unfortunate thing is that we have no way of tracking the online sales, as Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com consider sales info private. Bookstore sales of hard copy was reported at 1 million volumes for Tuesday's release. I'll see if Random House ever posts the total number sold that day. They did print 5 million, and ordered 600,000 more in a second printing. But if online sales are so much bigger than the hard copy, why would they?