Thursday, September 03, 2009

Library Use Up, Again

We've seen lots of students in the library this year... with a 20% increase in students at Butler, we expected it. Unfortunately, the library space is no bigger than it was last year! One hint for the El Dorado campus library - we are often far busier in the morning than the afternoon. So if your schedule allows it, plan your study time for later in the day.

From Tom Taylor at South Central Kansas Library System comes this news.

Congratulations to the Wichita Public Library for making the front page of today’s Wichita Eagle (9/3/09).

The article “Library racks up visitors” illustrates the increase in usage that libraries are seeing. It also demonstrates the value of libraries in this economic climate.

The Eagle’s website also has a short video featuring a day at the Westlink Branch Library and special projects librarian Jennifer Heinicke.

View the story and the video here:

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