Tuesday, December 08, 2009

SOAR introduction


I am a manager of Wichita State repository SOAR, the database of WSU authors’ works and collections. To promote a new service, my colleagues and I speak to individual faculty and groups (e.g. college executive councils; department meetings, staff luncheons, special events, etc.); distribute flyers and brochures; arrange training to those who interested; post information on SOAR to newsletters.

Recently, I have started a weekly video column “Industry News” to promote SOAR to library staff. The column features innovative ideas, projects, and other news in information technology, libraries, publishing, and higher education. I find short free videos on the Internet and embed them to the SOAR home page.

The videos should be short and informative; even better if humorous. I posted videos about the Book Espresso Machine; Twitter, Wiki, Kindle 2, Digital Preservation, and Google Wave. This week video column is featuring a short introduction to Cloud Computing: http://soar.wichita.edu (upper right corner of the screen).

It is fun for me to select and post videos. It is useful for SOAR marketing, too. I believe that new services should be marketed to library staff, not only to patrons. Than more staff know about a service, than better patrons are served. Would you

Sincerely, Susan

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