Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jane Watkins Announced as first DEWEY Award Winner at Butler

Congratulations to Jane Watkins, our first ‘DEWEY’ Award winner, first announced by Dr. Leann Ellis on April 1, 2010. ‘DEWEY’ means “Developing Education with an Excellent Library – Yours.” This award is designed to recognize the award winner’s outstanding use of the library in areas such as:

1. innovative, consistent, effective use of the library in teaching;

2. program activities that bring students and/or the community into the library;

3. promotion, encouragement or support of the library and its resources and services

4. thoughtful, timely, and in-depth resource development.

Here’s what those who nominated her said:

When I first thought of this idea, I was instructing Jane Watkin’s Children’s Literature class. For seven years, Jane has brought in her English Composition I, Fundamentals of English, and Children’s Literature classes in for instruction. What makes Jane unique from other instructors and their classes is that her classes don’t require using the library. Jane believes so strongly in information and how to do research that she worked with me each semester to incorporate research assignments into each of those classes. The assignments were very direct and purposeful. For the Children’s Literature assignments of finding author biographies and book reviews, Jane wanted to simulate what the students would need to know to complete these tasks in the real world of teaching. Consequently, students from her classes leave the library with knowledge of the library, confidence in how to research, and lifelong skills that will enrich their professional and personal lives.

Jane is a wonderful recruiter for the written word. I have heard testimony from many students that hated English and reading until they took her class. She creates more readers!

She is a dream of every librarian. She loves to discover new authors and talk about books. Her love of reading and research inspires others, and she will be missed by the library staff. I will especially miss working with her. She is my dream instructor! (J. Bastin)


Jane Watkins has used the library repeatedly over the years, not only as a Butler Instructor but also as an avid library patron. Jane has brought her Children’s Literature class into the library for instruction and research. For years, she has made use of the library web page as a resource for subject guides using a variety of print sources, Internet sites, and online databases. When Jane comes into the library, she always brings a smile along with her superb sense of humor. We will miss her as she retires again for the second time. Jane will leave a void here in the library that will be hard to replace.

Thank you Jane for all your years of support to the L. W. Nixon Library! (R. Holt)

Thanks to all who placed a nomination.

Your librarian,


Micaela Ayers
Director, Library Services
Butler Community College
901 S. Haverhill Road, El Dorado, KS 67042
mayers@butlercc.edu (316)322-3235
CULS President 2009-2010

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