Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shower in the Library

My daughter is getting married July 30. I am of course, very excited for her and her fiance, Chris.

Thing is, when her good friend Heather called from Kansas City to arrange the shower and asked where a great place to hold it might be, someplace warm and inviting, with a bookstore or coffeehouse vibe, the library here at the El Dorado campus popped into mind immediately. It's not an open, cavernous hall with no decor, hard metal seats, awkward layout. The full bookshelves, comfortable chairs, and lovely view, as well as the coffee bar within it gives a wonderful atmosphere for a shower or event.

So if you need a place for a baby or bridal shower, a wedding anniversary, or a small party (no alcohol), consider calling the library at 322-7606 for private party rates (very reasonable!). Or remember us for a small campus meeting or farewell to an employee moving away. You'll enjoy the location as much as we did last Sunday!



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