Monday, November 22, 2010

Pull out your cell phone

Butler Libraries' newest service starts next week...

We don't know what to call it: Text-a-Librarian? Text Librarian? Text Us? but whatever we call it, we're going to offer text for our students to ask questions in a format they are most comfortable with.

The number is 316-322-5278. Our reference librarian is charging up the phone today. She'll start answering it on Monday, Nov. 29th, after the Thanksgiving holidays.

We see it as one more way to provide the best customer service we can. Quite a few other libraries are doing it, as this news article from Tampa Bay Online discusses today (ours is cheaper than going through the service mentioned, but you have to have that whole 10-digit number to text us). If you have a question for our librarian, just pull out your cell phone.

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