Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thinking about winter?

The hard frost last night killed off the summer. I'd collected a few ripening tomatoes, and taken inside the last, hardy ferns and gerbera daisies. But I forgot to cover the planter of rosemary, sage, and mums on my staircase.

Good news, though, as the window boxes did fine because of all the heat escaping from the windows. By Thanksgiving, they will be gone, too.

So when I saw this article on prepping the house and car for winter, I was interested. I share it here with you. And since I'm the one who does all this stuff around the house, I guess I'm the 'manly' one...

Even better, there's a couple of articles on the website on stuff to carry in the car and ways to prepare the car for winter. I think of all the commuters and Butler and worry about you. Have a safe driving winter this year!

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