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Monday, January 24, 2011

Another New Resource

Or, possibly an old one in new form: Current Biography. We now have 70 years, from 1940 to 2010 on the shelf. And you now can search the complete content of the acclaimed print resource Current Biography, plus get photographs!

Current Biography Illustrated (TM) reflects the entire contents of the printed monthly Current Biography—a trusted resource in library collections since 1940. This is where you will find reliable information about the people making tomorrow’s headlines plus historical figures back to World War II. With more than 15,000 full text biographies, more than 9,400 obituaries and more than 19,500 lively images, this database is sure to please any researcher.

Profiles give users the information they want on celebrities, politicians, business people, writers, actors, sports figures, artists, scientists, and many others.

For more details about the source information for this database, please go to the following site:
Or check out what it looks like by going to the databases tab within the Library tab on pipeline. Select A to Z list and scroll down to Current Biography.

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