Tuesday, January 04, 2011


"January 2, 2011

6 Top Smartphone Apps to Improve Teaching, Research, and Your Life

Academics describe going mobile to plan lectures, keep up with scholarship, and run classes (By Jeffrey R. Young for The Chronicle of Higher Education)

"I used to use a piece of paper" for taking attendance in class, says David M. Reed, a computer-science professor at Capital U., but he kept losing the sheet. The smartphone app that he wrote to do the job has gained him about $20,000 on the iTunes store.

Not long ago, it seemed absurd for aca­demics to carry around a computer, camera, and GPS device every­where they went. Actually, it still seems absurd. But many professors (and administrators) now do just that in the form of all-in-one devices. Smartphones or tablet computers combine many functions in a hand-held gadget, and some users are discovering clever ways to teach and do research with the ubiquitous machines..."

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