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Friday, February 25, 2011

DEWEY Award - Who Will Win in 2011?

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty:

Our Butler awards include some wonderful ones. There are the Grizzly Man and Grizzly Woman awards, the Great Grizzly Deeds, and the Learning College Awards of Distinction. Today you can nominate a faculty member to receive the Butler Libraries DEWEY Award!

If you learned how to navigate the library this year, had an assignment that got you thinking about how easy the librarians were to work with, or were inspired to create your own library, this is your chance to recognize an influential faculty member.

Please go to to complete the brief nomination form. Nominations close March 18. Representatives from the library and the Vice President of Academic Affairs will select the winner. We will award the prizes, including posing on a Read poster, a gift certificate and a $500 grant for library materials for their department, on Institutional Development Day.

Questions? Call Micaela Ayers, Director of Library Services, 316-322-3235,
The Libraries at Butler annually recognize the outstanding work of a faculty member who is an extraordinary developer of library users of a new generation. We applaud their valuable contribution to the information literacy of our students. Jane Watkins, retired English Department instructor, won in 2010. Thank you for your help in selecting one in 2011.

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