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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Libraries and Student Culture

Below is the link to an OKC TV report on the study that librarians did at OU and why students need librarians:

(Thanks to Jean Hatfield and Tom Taylor)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Prom? Thor? Roadkill?

So I was thinking last week about our big-screen TV, the students walking through the library, and all the new movies we bought on DVD. I had an idea...put some of the movies up, in silent, closed-caption mode, to attract students to the collection!

Fortunately, I've learned to ask our copyright specialist, Judy Bastin, about any such ideas, good as they are. And she immediately said, "No, that's not covered under our education exemption. You can't do that!"

Just today, I learned about the Swank licensing service website, suggested by other two-year college directors, and after visiting their college page, printed out their booklet on Film & Video Copyright Infringement. Maybe next time I can check it first, and avoid giving Judy a heart attack.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Update on State Library Collection of Downloadable Audiobooks, EBooks

From the State Library of Kansas Librarian came this email today:

[KANLIB-L:21612] Update on downloadable eBook/eContent services
From ; on behalf of; "Budler, Jo [KSLIB]"
Date Friday, August 26, 2011 2:14 pm

I am writing to you today to bring you up-to-date on the status of the eBook and downloadable content service. Unfortunately there are more questions than answers at this time but I want to share with you what information is available .

1) On August 3, we received a letter from OverDrive CEO Steve Potash of OverDrive’s which informed us of their “notice of non-renewal” of the OverDrive contract. The contract will expire on December 5, 2011.

2) We have received 80 permission forms back from publishers. These permission forms give us permission to move the content (which we bought from them when we were using the OverDrive platform) to a new platform provider. This number of units (which can be downloaded) is 572 audio and 869 eBooks.

3) The 3M pilot/trial. As you all know, we are doing this in partnership with Johnson County Library. Johnson County will be issuing library cards to individual libraries across the state so that you can try the 3M system. Right now we do not have a specific date on which the pilot will start but Jeff Hixon will be sending out information on that as soon as it is available.

4) Recorded Books. We will be using Recorded Books for our downloadable audio platform. I talked with Dave Wiley today to ask where they are on the start up date. He assured me that it would be ready to turn on on October 1.

The Recorded Book folks have been working on the transfer mechanism. It has always worked on iPods but we do not want to turn on our service until it works with other mechanisms. Dave told me that he successfully transferred content yesterday from his computer to a device other than an iPod just yesterday!! This is very good news.

Recorded Books is also working on the details of our purchasing mechanism (so that you can purchase content on your own for the consortium. We do not want to have all purchases have to come through the State Library.)

Jeff Hixon is also going to be talking with them about authentication issues and once he has some details worked out with them, he will share these with you.

5) We are in the process of adding MARC records for the Guttenberg titles to the Kansas Library Catalog. Once this is done either Rhonda Machlan or Jeff Hixon will post directions to the listserv so that you can “go in and grab” these records or download them via another mechanism.

6) Remember, too, that the State Library has sent a number of pre-2000 published titles to the Internet Archives’ In-Library eBook Lending Program. Here is a URL to an announcement about this program

Based on the book titles that we sent to Internet Archives, any Kansas library user may download from this service. Here is a link to the Open Library itself

In order to assist you in helping your patrons access and use this service, I have asked our newest employee, Lianne Flax, to work on some cheatsheets or aids. She will be sharing these with you as soon as she has developed these and tested them out. Watch for these!

I know that many of you are concerned that there will be a gap between the time when our conract with OverDrive ends and the 3M service starts up in earnest. I, too, am concerned because I do not want you or your patrons to be without the downloadable eContent services. We will do what we can to encourage 3M to make their service available as soon as possible. However we do want them to have a fully functional service in place before we offer this to our Kansas library users. In the meanwhile, we will be looking at how we can use the Guttenberg collection and In-Library Lending program to fill in if there is to be a gap between the contracts.

(Remember that Recorded Books should be available well in advance of the Dec. 5th date on which the OverDrive contract expires.)

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions. I will do my best to find answers for you. And thank you in advance for your patience as we travel this new territory!!

Best wishes,


Joanne M. Budler
State Librarian
State Library of Kansas
300 SW 10th Street
Room 169W
Topeka, Kansas 66612

Monday, August 22, 2011

What Students Don't Know August 22, 2011

New article on the ethnological research done this year in Chicago at the University of Illinois reveals the difficulties students and librarians face bridging the gap that separates student need and librarian research help:

What Students Don't Know

August 22, 2011

In lieu of librarians, whose relationship to any given student is typically ill-defined, students seeking help often turn to a more logical source: the person who gave them the assignment -- and who, ultimately, will be grading their work. “[R]elationships with professors … determine students’ relationships with libraries,” wrote Miller and Murillo. "In the absence of an established structure ensuring that students build relationships with librarians throughout their college careers, professors play a critical role in brokering students' relationships with librarians," they wrote.

Because librarians hold little sway with students, they can do only so much to rehabilitate students’ habits. They need professors' help.

What kind of help? A professor could create an expectation for students to talk to us about their assignments, to look at the options of databases, to learn a few useful searching tips and techniques. Tell them they need to Google like a librarian. We'd love to discuss it with you. Come visit soon.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome back, Faculty!

Jeanne Nelson asks “Does a roomful of library books provide adequate educational support? If simply providing instructional materials worked, we should be able to eliminate all teachers, replacing them with a classroom full of textbooks. Students can surely find all the information they need … for college if they are surrounded by textbooks, right?

Hogwash! We live in an information tsunami,” where all students must learn how to locate, evaluate and use appropriately the information they need for the research process without drowning. It’s called information literacy, it’s embedded in the PACT skills, and the library is committed to creating it for Butler students, as you are.

But you need to know what’s new before your students do. In designing assignments – do you need to change them up? Can we assist you in freshening up your lecture, or in scaffolding research papers to build the skills they need to use library resources and construct real papers?

Look at the expectations of research abilities and skills for K-12, Undergraduates, etc., laid out here: Albert's Model of the Research Process.

Are you comfortable when the library resources of eBooks and encyclopedias and journal resources are on the internet? For example, our entire book collection of the series “Opposing Viewpoints” is also loaded into the database of the same name. eBooks: this means that students studying in Andover and Marion and online; in the library or the dorm room; at 1 p.m. or 1 a.m. can all use the same book at the same time. Most of our periodicals and reference books are electronic only now, not paper.

Remember we have three Reference and Instruction Librarians: Judy Bastin, based in El Dorado, and Alicia Lillich and Teresa Mayginnes, who are based at the Andover Campus. Our library staff stays current with technology, services and instruction. And we’d like to help you.

Don’t get me wrong: I love books, and the library is that amazing place on campus where students and faculty and books all meet in real time. Books will never just go away – they are a mature technology. But we’re more than paper books.

If you spot an eBook in our online catalog, click on the title, then “View this Resource Online” and you’re taken right to the book through the web site. And if you happen to be searching in EBSCO for a topic, the eBooks will be listed right there with the journal articles. This is new.

Our other new databases include the Streaming video of World History in Video (companion to American History in Video), and the digital music of American Song.

Newsbank will enable full text in the Wichita Eagle; EZBib gives citation creation a whirl. The Faculty LibGuide connects you to all this information in an easy-to-absorb form, with Zombie combat included. So gird up your loins, click on the library tab in Pipeline, and have a great semester.

1) Jeannie Nelson, Fallbrook, California, Opinion/Reader Forum/Comment Enabled, American Libraries Magazine, June/July 2011, P 10-11

Your librarian,
Micaela Ayers

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wait til tomorrow

Judy and I will be presenting to faculty tomorrow. We've enough updates to fill 20 minutes or so: Newsbank, State Library News, EZBib, ProQuest Nursing streaming video, etc. Looking forward to everyone being back here at Butler!

Meanwhile, some happenings at Numana caught my eye:

Famine in Africa

The UN recently declared regions in Somalia to be suffering from extreme famine. Numana is currently taking donations to package food that will benefit Somalian refugees that are fleeing to neighboring countries. To donate to provide food for Somalian refugees, please click HERE.

Rick to Travel to the Horn of Africa
by Rick McNary

I have the inexpressible honor of accompanying
Ambassador Tony Hall to Africa next week to the refugee camps of people who are starving because of the famine in the Horn of Africa; Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, and Djibouit. We will visit one of the largest refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya, where estimates as high as 440,000 people live in squalid conditions waiting on food. Due to the lack of rain in the last four years, plus warring conditions in Somalia, millions have fled to this and other camps. Nearly 10 million people in this area are starving.

I leave the 6th of August, but have already started blogging about it. Not only can you travel with me through my blog, but we'll talk about the issues of world hunger. In fact, let's start now: What would you like me to write about as we make this journey together? Or what question/comment do you have about world hunger that you'd like me to address? Let's start talking. That's the first step in finding the answers.

Please send your questions to me via EMAIL, Facebook or Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you and keeping this conversation flowing as I share sights and sounds from the other side of the world. You can follow my blog HERE

Miss Kansas 2011, Numana's Newest Partner

We are excited to announce a partnership between Numana and Miss Kansas 2011, Carissa Kelley! Miss Kansas will work with Numana by engaging in advocacy and education through speaking at colleges and community events about the need for volunteers to care for the hungry. Her first task will be as a spokesperson for Numana's SWIPE Initiative, a State Wide Packaging Event coordinated at colleges across the state of Kansas this October. Miss Kansas will be making appearances in several communities where the college packaging events will occur. Over 500,000 meals will be packaged by students and community members at events during the weeks surrounding the United Nations designated "World Food Day", October 16, 2011.
Read On

Numana Round Up

Get your tickets TODAY for the first ever Numana Round Up Benefit, held at the Prairie Rose in Benton, KS. On August 27, from 4 PM-9PM, join fellow Numaniacs for an evening of wild west activities, a chuck-wagon dinner, silent and live auctions, a mini food-packaging event and western musical entertainment! Tickets for adults are $40, $25 for children 12 and under, and children 2 and under are free. All proceeds will go to benefit the victims of the famine in the Horn of Africa. Please join us for this important event. To purchase tickets online, please click HERE or call 877.452.5445. More information on our outstanding auctions items will be published soon!

As the new school year approaches, SWIPE momentum is going strong. Currently, 9 schools have committed to host a packaging event in October surrounding "World Food Day", October 16. These include Kansas State University, Ottawa University, Baker University, Washburn University, University of Kansas, Hesston College, Pittsburg State, University of Saint Mary, and Southwestern College.
If you are, or know a college student attending a Kansas college, university or junior college who would be interested in attending a SWIPE event, please forward this email to them. For more information on SWIPE, please visit

Numana is please to unveil a new online donation page on When donating to Numana, you may now set up recurring monthly, quarterly or annual donations and designate your funds go to a particular event. There is an "impact" calculator and the option to make your contribution in honor of someone or as a memorial gift. Please visit our new donation page and see how this new functionality may benefit you.

New events are popping up on our calendar. Please visit our site, facebook and follow us on twitter to keep up-to-date on all opportunities to save the starving with Numana.


PO Box 572
405 SW Boyer Road
El Dorado, KS 67042

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

iPhone Ap for our library catalog

We have a great mobile website at Butler for the library. Use your QR reader here on the right for the QR tag. You can also get it if you go to our library website on your phone - see it in the top of the left navigation list? Save it to your favorites.


If you have an iPhone, this may be easier in the long run:

iLib2Go is available to all AGent VERSO customers after July 1, 2011 through the Apple App Store. iLib2Go is free. iLib2Go locates AGent VERSO libraries using a mapping function and allows you to view your account and search library resources to find, renew and place reserves on items within the catalog.

You can also use the iLib2Go interface to suggest items for their library to purchase.

Steps for getting the app

> 1. Go to the Apple App Store

> 2. Search for iLib2Go

> 3. Download the app, you must have an Apple account for this

> 4. The app will self install

> 5. After the install start the app and form the Home screen select My Libraries

> 6. You should see a map If you do not see a map tap the “Library Locator” button at the top of the screen next to the “My Libraries” screen heading

> 7. Once you have accessed the map you will get a dialog asking “iLib2Go” Would Like to Use Your Current Location” Don’t Allow/OK. If you say OK the iPhone will show your phone location on the map with a green pin. The green pin is not your library but simple where the iPhone thinks it is located.

> 8. The map will also display many red pins, each red pin represents an AGent VERSO library. You should zoom in on the location of your library

> 9. When you find your library tap the red pin and the app will open a dialog box displaying the library name and address

> 10. Tap on Add to Library, this will add the library to My Libraries list

Friday, August 05, 2011

Learning Express for College Students

A reminder from the state library:

(Learning Express is available here and through the Butler Pipeline) It’s a resource that can be utilized by nearly every student for help with classroom basics or advanced studies; studying for AP tests and sample tests; sample tests for GED; and U.S. Citizenship tests. College students can practice Math and Algebra and a variety of other tests at all levels including the GRE.

In addition, LearningExpress recently added 18, new, self-paced, easy-to-follow multimedia tutorials focused on Computer and Internet Basics. These are engaging, on-line tutorials that teach PC essentials in a straightforward, non-technical manner. Think Windows 10!

The Job and Career Accelerator offers many resources for the student seeking a first job. Try the resume builder.

LearningExpress is a great resource! It’s as easy as establishing a username and password to get started. All work within the program such as practice tests, resumes, and job searches are saved in a way that the user can easily recapture.

Janie Rutherford
Communications Coordinator
State Library of Kansas
300 SW 10th, 169W
Topeka, KS 66612

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Free Legal Forms

The following posting is on behalf of Kansas Legal Services.

Kansas Legal Services is pleased to share some new resources that have been added in the last 60 days to the Kansas Legal Services website These resources may be of help to low income persons and others dealing with collection and child support problems.

Recently added:

· A letter to request no contact from a collection agency

· A form to request verification of a debt listed on a credit report

· Forms to request verification of credit report information

· A packet of forms to seek modification of Child Support – this can be an increase, decrease or termination of support

These new forms join a number of forms that we continue to support. Between April 30 and June 30, 2011, self-represented litigants produced over 3,000 documents to file in court or apply for legal services by using Kansas Legal Services free legal forms or free online application.

This means that people like you were able to represent themselves without a lawyer and without having to pay legal fees (except for court fees). Or you took advantage of our online application without having to telephone the toll free number. These are both a great convenience and money saver for people in Kansas!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Critical new study

In the new edition (July 2011) of College & Research Libraries, authors Wong and Webb uncovered a mathematical correlation between student library material usage and cumulative GPA. "Uncovering meaningful Correlation between Student Academic Performance and Library Material Usage"

Looking forward to more research in this groundbreaking area.