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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

iPhone Ap for our library catalog

We have a great mobile website at Butler for the library. Use your QR reader here on the right for the QR tag. You can also get it if you go to our library website on your phone - see it in the top of the left navigation list? Save it to your favorites.


If you have an iPhone, this may be easier in the long run:

iLib2Go is available to all AGent VERSO customers after July 1, 2011 through the Apple App Store. iLib2Go is free. iLib2Go locates AGent VERSO libraries using a mapping function and allows you to view your account and search library resources to find, renew and place reserves on items within the catalog.

You can also use the iLib2Go interface to suggest items for their library to purchase.

Steps for getting the app

> 1. Go to the Apple App Store

> 2. Search for iLib2Go

> 3. Download the app, you must have an Apple account for this

> 4. The app will self install

> 5. After the install start the app and form the Home screen select My Libraries

> 6. You should see a map If you do not see a map tap the “Library Locator” button at the top of the screen next to the “My Libraries” screen heading

> 7. Once you have accessed the map you will get a dialog asking “iLib2Go” Would Like to Use Your Current Location” Don’t Allow/OK. If you say OK the iPhone will show your phone location on the map with a green pin. The green pin is not your library but simple where the iPhone thinks it is located.

> 8. The map will also display many red pins, each red pin represents an AGent VERSO library. You should zoom in on the location of your library

> 9. When you find your library tap the red pin and the app will open a dialog box displaying the library name and address

> 10. Tap on Add to Library, this will add the library to My Libraries list

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