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Friday, August 26, 2011

Update on State Library Collection of Downloadable Audiobooks, EBooks

From the State Library of Kansas Librarian came this email today:

[KANLIB-L:21612] Update on downloadable eBook/eContent services
From ; on behalf of; "Budler, Jo [KSLIB]"
Date Friday, August 26, 2011 2:14 pm

I am writing to you today to bring you up-to-date on the status of the eBook and downloadable content service. Unfortunately there are more questions than answers at this time but I want to share with you what information is available .

1) On August 3, we received a letter from OverDrive CEO Steve Potash of OverDrive’s which informed us of their “notice of non-renewal” of the OverDrive contract. The contract will expire on December 5, 2011.

2) We have received 80 permission forms back from publishers. These permission forms give us permission to move the content (which we bought from them when we were using the OverDrive platform) to a new platform provider. This number of units (which can be downloaded) is 572 audio and 869 eBooks.

3) The 3M pilot/trial. As you all know, we are doing this in partnership with Johnson County Library. Johnson County will be issuing library cards to individual libraries across the state so that you can try the 3M system. Right now we do not have a specific date on which the pilot will start but Jeff Hixon will be sending out information on that as soon as it is available.

4) Recorded Books. We will be using Recorded Books for our downloadable audio platform. I talked with Dave Wiley today to ask where they are on the start up date. He assured me that it would be ready to turn on on October 1.

The Recorded Book folks have been working on the transfer mechanism. It has always worked on iPods but we do not want to turn on our service until it works with other mechanisms. Dave told me that he successfully transferred content yesterday from his computer to a device other than an iPod just yesterday!! This is very good news.

Recorded Books is also working on the details of our purchasing mechanism (so that you can purchase content on your own for the consortium. We do not want to have all purchases have to come through the State Library.)

Jeff Hixon is also going to be talking with them about authentication issues and once he has some details worked out with them, he will share these with you.

5) We are in the process of adding MARC records for the Guttenberg titles to the Kansas Library Catalog. Once this is done either Rhonda Machlan or Jeff Hixon will post directions to the listserv so that you can “go in and grab” these records or download them via another mechanism.

6) Remember, too, that the State Library has sent a number of pre-2000 published titles to the Internet Archives’ In-Library eBook Lending Program. Here is a URL to an announcement about this program

Based on the book titles that we sent to Internet Archives, any Kansas library user may download from this service. Here is a link to the Open Library itself

In order to assist you in helping your patrons access and use this service, I have asked our newest employee, Lianne Flax, to work on some cheatsheets or aids. She will be sharing these with you as soon as she has developed these and tested them out. Watch for these!

I know that many of you are concerned that there will be a gap between the time when our conract with OverDrive ends and the 3M service starts up in earnest. I, too, am concerned because I do not want you or your patrons to be without the downloadable eContent services. We will do what we can to encourage 3M to make their service available as soon as possible. However we do want them to have a fully functional service in place before we offer this to our Kansas library users. In the meanwhile, we will be looking at how we can use the Guttenberg collection and In-Library Lending program to fill in if there is to be a gap between the contracts.

(Remember that Recorded Books should be available well in advance of the Dec. 5th date on which the OverDrive contract expires.)

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions. I will do my best to find answers for you. And thank you in advance for your patience as we travel this new territory!!

Best wishes,


Joanne M. Budler
State Librarian
State Library of Kansas
300 SW 10th Street
Room 169W
Topeka, Kansas 66612

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